Due Diligence

TS Legal Services is all about Due Diligence, which is the benchmark defence to contraventions of trading standards legislation.

Don’t take risks with your business - ensure your ‘fire escape’ is in tip top condition

Don’t take risks with
your business – ensure
your ‘fire escape’ is in
tip top condition
If your business takes all reasonable precautions and exercises all due diligence you will be able to steer clear of enforcement action by the legal authorities as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Of course this is only possible if you know what precautions you should be taking.

‘Fire escapes are only ever necessary in a fire’ and it is the same for Due Diligence, if someone makes a mistake which attracts attention from Trading Standards then you will be truly glad you have invested in the system.

A robust due diligence system can save you thousands of pounds in legal fees as well as saving you money resulting from customer complaints.

TS Legal Services can risk assess your business and help you to develop procedures to effectively and simply deal with your legal responsibilities.

We can develop a complete due diligence system designed specifically for your business or work in conjunction with the systems you already have in place to maximise your legal defence systems without incurring additional costs.

Most importantly TS Legal Services can train your staff as without doubt training is a cornerstone of the due diligence process. This can be done by face-to-face interactive training seminars or by using our unique online service TS Train or by a mixture of the two, whichever suits your requirements better. TS Train allows training to take place at the induction stage rather than waiting for enough people to warrant a training course. It also means that time away from the workplace is at a minimum and costs are kept as low as possible.

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